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By avatar lucidhalos 43 on March 24th, 2014
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The custom Steam template I created a while back, redone to be more up to date. Front concept was originally by archnophobia ( link ), which I tweaked and made a full template out of.

I have provided a .PSD file, in which the template comes in white and black: link

Everything is separated by group folders, so it should be easy to edit as you please. I also provided a .zip of the custom font ( link ) used for the information on the back.

Credit to EdwardPines ( link ) for the new ESRB renders.

Feel free to use as you like, credit isn't really necessary, just don't go claiming it as your own please. Thank you!

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rob2197 45 [ 5 years ago ]

Looks great!

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lucidhalos 43 [ 4 years ago ]

I wanted to let anyone who is interested in actually printing anything used with this template, that is fits into a standard Wii box. I figured that out when I printed a cover of mine and found it fit perfectly.

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