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Killzone 2 box art cover
By avatar EyesSetToKill 2 on March 13th, 2009
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EyesSetToKill 2 [ 1 decade ago ]

Hi, This is my first box. please comment and criticize
and don't forget to author fav if you like my style.

EDIT: also i ment to say sens and not sans

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TwistedTinkerToy 43 [ 1 decade ago ]

Welcome to Helghast? Have you ever played this game?

Anyway, the back doesn't fit the game at all and the logo on the front shouldn't be turned.

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shadysaiyan 41 [ 1 decade ago ]

- Blurry images
- Art leaking outside of template
- Bad logo placement (and angle)
- Clashing artstyles on back
- Bad blending (very obvious) blending on the back
- Screenshot has the PSU logo on it (really?)
- There are no chains in KZ so idk why you've got card board hanging there
- Generic font choice doesnt fit the game.
- The planet is called "Helghan", the soldiers on it with the glowing eyes are called "Helghast", Proof read
- Giant space gap in the back info
- What's up with the disc template? eww.

For a first box, id say this looks great from a view, but when i really go to look at it, that is what i see.

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JoeyTheHedgehog 36 [ 1 decade ago ]

It should be welcome to helghan. otherwise its good

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