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Battlefield 3 box cover
By avatar Wenis 36 on September 1st, 2009
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Comment on Wenis's Battlefield 3 Box Art / Cover.

Wenis 36 [ 1 decade ago ]

The soldier, as well as the image "inside" of the 3 are all taken from screenshots from Bad Company 2. I cut out the BATTLEFIELD logo from Battlefield website, and made the 3 myself using the USAAF STENCIL font from

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E_G 39 [ 1 decade ago ]

It has an official look to it, and that's good.

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Sir Tobbii 35 [ 1 decade ago ]

The logo doesn't really catch the eye, and the 3 should probably be slightly larger. Looks good though!

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GRIEF_CHIEF 1 [ 9 years ago ]

This is AMAZING! Honestly thought it was the official box when I saw it! Thinking of making some of my own boxes because of this, What program did you use..? How did you create the background..? And how did you get the thin horizontal line effect on the 3..?

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VirtualNomad 1 [ 8 years ago ]

G'day Wenis,

For a first version it shows a lot of promise. Your use of colours mirrors that of the cold blue and grey variants used in the official art work.
Icon placement is good and balances the bottom of the work however I feel it is a little larger than it needs to be and begins to creep into your main artwork...I would have kept the EA logo below the base line of the '3' but i know you used it to balance the content rating logo.
The overriding issue I have is that whether you were intending to get the effect of using the word 'Battlefield' to complete the overall appearance of the obscured number '3', the effect is diminished due to choice of colour for the text. The absence of form around the top of the number gives the viewer a choice to make in a split second - is a '3' or a '9'? The grey of the background, figure and text serves only to block the '3' and without any curve visible around the upper underside of the '3' recognition takes a little look at first glance. This is not the case with the lower half of the '3'.
The figures posture is good and depicts stealth/speed as the masked figure runs hunched with weapon drawn and ready. A tip - don't obscure the weapon. I'm not sure if he is carrying a ball as a futuristic sportsman or just a post-apocalyptic mailman delivering the new iPhone 5 under attack. Get that weapon either extended or sliding through the text between the 'B' and 'A'
The lack of dirt and grime on the cover offers the viewer a modern and clinical feel to the type of warfare rather than the traditional WWI WWII artwork.
I am a fan of faded out background art but just be careful you don't lose it completely...the art inside the 3 could be a fraction darker in contrast or maybe a dark blue colour itself.
The '3' could also be a thicker on the lower inside and upper top edges (dark outline) to give the number a 3D feel that is missing to help with your figures posture and position.

As for the Games for Windows logo - no one blames you for that ...its windows ... its just bad!

Well done mate and I would love to see you have a go at it again with a fresh pair of eyes after some time now away from it.

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