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Resident Evil: Dark Biohazard box art cover
By avatar biohazardbox7 28 on November 7th, 2010
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biohazardbox7 28 [ 1 decade ago ]

Hey everyone I introducing a new line of boxes called "Cryptid-Games" due to my boxes including games that really never saw the light of day or not mainstream games INCLUDING this game due to it being a mod of "Resident Evil 2" but this game is pretty cool looking mod and deserves some praise
here is the trailer for it: link
and i got most of the art from the main site:
and PS please check out my older boxes ^^
thank you and enjoy^^

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biohazardbox7 28 [ 1 decade ago ]

comments anyone?

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Insomnium X 26 [ 1 decade ago ]

OK, first
The presentation: Both the gray texture and the texture inside the umbrella logo are very low quality and there's absolutely no reason for that.Textures are relatively easy to find and you can also create them in Photoshop.Also, if you attempt to add some realism to the presentation (with the shadow from the box) why would you leave disc floating above the box? Wouldn't it make more sense to have it lying on the table?

The manual: This part show the least effort.Again you have a LQ with with a few bevel/emboss things on it and and a blood brush.This can be done in a very short amount of time.Also the Gamecube logo is, for me, a little 2 big

The back: It's mostly ok, but there are a few things that are bugging me.First, it makes no sense that the photographs are sellotaped if they are on a table. The random order of thing suggests that the they were kind of..thrown there, so why the sellotape? It is a minor thing but it's a good idea to be thinking about these things when making a box.
The tagline, doesn't really say RESIDENT EVIL to me especially this darker version.And it's not a bad idea to use different fonts for the tagline and the text below.

The spine is also ok

The front: The RE logo is too blurry and the bright blue color doesn't really go with the game's dark feel. And then you have a background with a filter over it, and Leon with another filter (standard PS filters are usually frowned upon here) which again doesn't show much effort.

So for me it's mostly the lq textures and that no part of the box makes me think:"wow, this really looks great." In that way making boxes sucks because you'll naturally like what you've made but other people's opinion may differ.That's why i recommend that you post it in the WIP forum next time and see what people think.

Wow, this turned out long O.o, but I just hate it when people are ignored like this...
So I hope i helped a bit

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