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Motorstorm 3: Apocalypse box art cover
By avatar Ultraviolet32x 42 on January 27th, 2011
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Ultraviolet32x 42 [ 9 years ago ]

Hey everyone...this is my third racing box in a row, this time for Motorstorm Apocalypse, which looks like it's gonna be awesome! Feedback appreciated :)

Credit to Sen, Scorpion Soldier, and deiviuxs for the ps3 case template and qwerty334 & E_G for the esrb logos.

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Bastart 48 [ 8 years ago ]

The front is great, but the back is lacking. I think it's mainly due the tagline 'Welcome to the Apocalypse' it sounds kinda lame to be honest :/ and it just doesn't seem to work for me? also the font choice and colour of it, coud be more fitting imo. still got my fav. though ;)

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