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Cave Story 3D box art cover
By avatar Fba 1 on March 1st, 2011
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sambskn 8 [ 9 years ago ]

Wow. Way to use 1 of the roughly 5 images released to make a sub-par cover. I really liked how you didn't use any character art. [/sarcasm]

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stevencho 43 [ 9 years ago ]

#1, Please be constructive.

2/10 It needs a more creative approach. With the few amount of images released for this game tho, I would probably not recommend making a cover for it.

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KeybladePenguin 1 [ 8 years ago ]

This is alright, but it just seems like you got some of the art from the game and stuck it on the 3DS template. Perhaps adding characters and a more appropriate font for '3D' would help along with a more appropriate background if anything else.

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