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Assassins Creed Revelations box art cover
By avatar KillswitchEngaged 1 on May 29th, 2011
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KillswitchEngaged 1 [ 9 years ago ]

My First box

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twoxT 34 [ 9 years ago ]

This is good for a first. However, if you want this to be an outstanding box there are a few problems that need to be fixed...

-A lot of the box looks low-quality; try and see if you can get better quality resources

-The Assassin symbol on the front looks somewhat bland; maybe you can do something to spice it up

-The Altiar render is cut of at the bottom

-The ESRB on the front and back do not match

-The Ubisoft logo is WAY too big

You're getting there. Don't let your hopes fall yet! ;)
Try posting this in the WiP section in the forums, people can help you there.

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