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Kanye West: 808's and Heartbreak box art cover
By avatar jesse777 35 on June 5th, 2011
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jesse777 35 [ 1 decade ago ]

Not much to say, zombie dropout bear ftw, lol. Well It literally took one day to make this,and from what I listened to I shall list Kanye's best albums to his not so great ones.

College Dropout
Late Registration
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and
808's and Heartbreak

By the way I dont really like the auto tune that is used here, I did like some songs from listening to them on youtube, my favorite three
songs are heartless, amazing, and welcome to heartbreak. Comment and Favorite if you wish. The heart being torn apart was inspired by the original cover so I guess you could say this is Kanye's 808's album if it was sort of grungy and dark. Thanks-J777

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Skyrunner 33 [ 1 decade ago ]

yes the bear!

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Midnight 36 [ 1 decade ago ]

Back would look better if typography were white.Make you could make songs' names white and let duration red.Just a thought

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RAiDeN-209 39 [ 1 decade ago ]

It's pretty good, but I hate the typography on the back. Not just the color, but mainly the font.

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MattStar 48 [ 1 decade ago ]


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