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Mega Man X: EXPANSION box art cover
By avatar Arby Works 32 on April 6th, 2012
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This is an idea I had while mulling over the fact that Mega Man has been on the receiving end of abuse and ridicule lately on behalf of CAPCOM's attempt at "running with the ball". This is something I made out of boredom with the intention of just being a nice view. Doesn't need any comments or fav's, but they are certainly welcome.

Everything but the PS2 template and the Zero and Axl renders are made by me. Zero and Axl are made by the artist, Tatsuya Yoshikawa. The PS2 template I am unsure of who made but it is on this site. Everything else including character renders, boarders and backgrounds made by me.

Have a nice day, Mr. Masato/Arby Works.

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