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Fifa 13 box cover
By avatar KennethGraham 1 on April 26th, 2012
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Fifa 13 cover I made

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Havok 11 [ 7 years ago ]

If this is actually the best you can do, you need to sit down and go trough a few tutorials. I would recommend you check out the tips section in the forum as well. Because this is actually pretty horrible (and I'm being extremely nice when I say that). :/

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Bastart 48 [ 7 years ago ]

Ronaldi vs. Messi = an interesting concept, but they both missed the Champions League final and missed an important penalty (why even bother to let them appear on a new FIFA cover?) it's time for some new talent imo. i'm kinda sick of Messi and Ronaldo to be honest.

and by the way this doesn't by far look like a decent boxart. It looks like some really bad cut-out players, pasted on a stretched stadium background. Don't even get me started about the template, FIFA 13 logo and missing logo's.

Conclusion: Epic Fail! (considered as spam)

Seriously, try to get some feedback/help first by posting it in the W.I.P. thread at the forums instead, before posting it on the main page. Otherwise is just a waste of time, really :/

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KennethGraham 1 [ 7 years ago ]

It is my first time trying to make a game cover so might not be great to start

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