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Far Cry 3 box art cover
By avatar Dapperhayden007 2 on May 4th, 2012
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My next Far Cry box, Looking at new image editing programmes to improve on the other terrible things I made before this. I hope you like it.

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SimpleWig 42 [ 8 years ago ]

Great! You keep getting better.

few tips thought:

The fc3 logo or any title should not usually be quite that big.

Try put some shadows or more dark areas on charachters to make them fit more on the box so they dont look like they are just pasted on there.

Highlights are good to ( making the bright areas on a character brighter, depending on what background you use. Also a background is good to have too!

There are ofcourse a couple of more thing to be added, but just some starter tips.
I dont know what program your using and if it even allows the things i said above thought.

People might not like this idea but if you really dont have the money, you can always torrent a suitable program... like Photoshop...

Anyways your getting better : )

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