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Metal Gear Solid 64 box art cover
By avatar Wexter 5 on July 9th, 2012
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I made this just for fun. I wanted to keep it simple and clean.

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Wexter 5 [ 8 years ago ]

I still cant get over this. out of all my work this is my fav.

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Tevious 21 [ 7 years ago ]

I wish this game existed! I never bought a PS1 until late into the life cycle and even then I missed out on MGS until sometime after MGS3 was released. If a N64 version was released, I might have gotten into the series earlier.

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Wexter 5 [ 7 years ago ]

I know how you feel, I did not get into the franchise till Twin Snakes and even then missed out on 2 and 3 till after I finished 4.

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