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New Super Mario Bros 3 box art cover
By avatar eldestrutor 13 on November 9th, 2012
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It's my first box.
Special thanks to Silent Oblivien.

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payam_mazkouri 39 [ 7 years ago ]

Nice for first, welcome to vgb.

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Martiniii332 48 [ 7 years ago ]

For a first, I can say that this isn't as bad as my first, which is a good first haha.

I think that in the next covers that you will be creating, you should consider a few things.

I like how you wanted to take the 3D perspective of the box, but the template, which isn't 3D, just makes it look weird. Try updating the box with it just flat out, it would be better.

The front's idea is pretty neat. I would try to make it just a bit less cluttered, e.g. Bowser Jr.

The back can be better.the text could either be placed on an underlying object to make it stand out, or add text effects. Mario is floating as well, try to establish a standing ground for him and Yoshi. Yoshi is also walking off the template, which is a major design turn-off. The ratings are mix matching; there's PEGI on the front and ESRB on the back. You should add the developer logo (Nintendo) there on the bottom right of the front too. Hope you take these things into consideration, and hope to hear more from you.

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