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SpongeBobSquarePants:Battle for Bikini Bottom box art cover
By avatar supersonicfan78 22 on January 2nd, 2013
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This is my first PS2 boxart.

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Mtp 30 [ 7 years ago ]

I see some potential in you, just a few things.
1. Make sure to use a higher quality template and do not stretch it.
2. The silhouettes on the front are very messy. If you do use silhouettes, make sure that you can see exactly what the silhouettes are. I can't really tell what the silhouettes are supposed to be, so it looks messy. In this case, I'd just use normal pics of the characters instead of doing silhouettes.
3. My personal preference is to keep the font in the description on the back different than the one in the bigger tagline, especially in this situation. The font is big and bold, which is good for a tagline but not for regular text.
4. Make sure you aren't stretching out the pictures on the back. To me they look low quality.

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biblematt14 1 [ 7 years ago ]

SpongeBob BFBB is my fav game.....looks at box...........ok?

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