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Revolution Collectors Edition box art cover
By avatar willo10 39 on January 4th, 2013
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I'm surprised nobody's done a Revolution box yet. Such an awesome series deserves a nice collectors edition box.

Image on front by Alexander Koshelkov.

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DiscordThePony 9 [ 8 years ago ]

i go to the dvd store
i see this bax on the shelf
i look at it
i smell it
i taste it

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Mub 39 [ 8 years ago ]

good box, shit show

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willo10 39 [ 8 years ago ]

I don't know, I like the show

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Martiniii332 48 [ 8 years ago ]

Good. I think the glow on the back is too strong on the top text. I understand what you did, but still.

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