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Super Mario Bros. Recreation box art cover
By avatar UltimateNopon 2 on June 25th, 2013
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[ Box updated on July 3rd, 2013 ] [ original ]

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UltimateNopon 2 [ 7 years ago ]

Wii U template - YoshiStar

All sprites handmade from scratch by me.

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Enderman9000 1 [ 7 years ago ]

So - this is pretty much the classic NES games - but with new powerups and levels? Nice. For a second, it's good. The back is too empty, you should add some clouds, and make the font better, such as make it Super Mario Bros style, make it white with a black stroke. The front's looking good, but it's hard to notice Bowser's arms on her. Maybe make her look more surprised? And add some clouds to the front too - maybe i'm being a little too harsh on you. It's good - I like the idea. Looks bizzare with 8-bit Peach, Mario and Luigi having eyes! lol. Nice!

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