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Assassin's Creed box art cover
By avatar Zantichi 1 on December 7th, 2013
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Uhh. first box in for ever. The other ones sucked balls. This was a design I had in my head for a while, I used the deluxe codex you get with AC:BH Deluxe for the logo, assassin logo, background and handwritten text. I used this fabulous text : ,credits to Alphabet & Text for that. Ubisoft logo I pulled from Google. Hope you like it! (Don't look to close at the Ubisoft logo, not as good as I would like.) I don't have the trademark shit on this, consider it a "special edition", with the thing on the inside of the cover. I'll make a CD and booklet, if this gets enough likes. Oh, and the PS3 logo was made using the rectangle tool, so it's slightly crappy.

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