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Skate 2 box art cover
By avatar busya 5 on April 23rd, 2014

So, first box!
Skate 2 came out when games still had the original PS3 frame on the left with that horrible font from Sam Raimi's Spider-Man films. It was tacky, to say the least. I tired to make a cleaner box for Skate 2: no brand logos or rating on the front or spine, no PS3 frame – just the minimal frame in the current PS3 design, the art, and all the usual info on the back, in an entirely unintrusive fashion. Hope you dig it.

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Rolyat 25 [ 6 years ago ]

Dude this is amazing! The back is empty..I realize this is for decoration of the box, but, maybe adding a few more details would spice it up.

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busya 5 [ 6 years ago ]

I have reasoning for the clean back of the case on this design:
I feel like the backs of most game cases feel like cheap magazine adverts. All those screenshots, feature lists and tacky captions like 'own the city' or 'rule the streets' make sense only when you're trying to sell a product. Once I buy a game, its case serves only the following purposes,
A) Utilitarian – a tool for storage of the game disc and supplemental materials (duh)
and B) Aesthetic – the design of the case should compliment the game and be pleasing as an independent object of design (without compromising its relevance to the game).
Hence, I threw a line on the back which i felt like didn't sound like a pitch or slogan, but rather an honest, atmospheric invitation to enjoy the game. The dude doing the grab is there to balance the composition and give the design some motion – otherwise the whole thing would have been too static.
I kept the info on the back because, unlike screenshots and taglines, specs, legal, and especially health warnings should remain on packaging no matter how minimal it is. It's useful and safe.
Anyway, those are just some thoughts I put into the decisions that went into this design.
Thanks for the feedback!

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rostamseraj 14 [ 6 years ago ]

@busya this! I couldn't have said it better. I'm making covers for my final collection of ps3 games. Why would I want my cases to look like they're trying to sell themselves to me? Haha, good work man

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