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Pokemon Platinum box art cover
By avatar Paragon 2 on June 8th, 2014

This is my first box ever.* It's also been a learning experience for me since I've never used GIMP/Photoshop/Paint.NET. I bought a used copy of Platinum the other day without a case, so I decided to create a case that I would like to use for it. I decided to go with a generally simplistic design, which reflected the metallic Platinum idea and yet also incorporated Giratina, Dialga, and Palkia. Please give me some feedback!

*Wifi was left out on purpose. RIP Nintendo Wifi... and the multiplayer connection box is left out to, because it really didn't fit with my overall theme.

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Carlj1497 44 [ 6 years ago ]

Nice work, it's pretty unique looking. It would've been cool if you defined the details on the pokemon on the back, rather than just their outline. Can definitely see some good things coming from you.

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