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Gridberd box art cover
By avatar AHO 37 on September 11th, 2015
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Tags: Indie, Steam, German, Survial/Horror, Adventure, ESD

Description from Steam shop:

Each house holds many terrible secrets. They are not easy to solve, and the answers sometimes only lead to more questions. But what can you do when your life depends on these answers?

The game GRIDBERD is an action horror game in the first person, in which you have to solve the terrible mystery of the ancestral Johnson Mansion. Who are you? How did you get here? What really happened? And who is this mysterious ghost that longs to kill you, and is already hard at work sharpening his axе?
Take a walk through the old ancestral mansion, take a look at the most secluded and most mysterious corners of it, and discover the secrets that it holds. Uncover crumbs of information from the past, and the history of this place. Open secret passages, solve puzzles, and skillfully bypass the traps that have been prepared for you in the old castle. Run away and hide from its ruthless creatures, [...]

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