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Batman: Arkham Knight box art cover
By avatar OGCEPUK 1 on September 23rd, 2015
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First time I've ever tried making one of these, it took about 45 mins and I think it's decent.

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WhatTradeCenter 2 [ 6 years ago ]

dis is ok 4 a furst box art if u wan 2 c sum good box art cum 2 mi profile

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Vince_1990 47 [ 6 years ago ]

For 45 mins work I guess this alright. Would prefer the front if Batman was on it once instead of twice. I think the back doesn't need the logo. This would free up some space for something more exciting on the back.

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Monetman1 36 [ 6 years ago ]

Great start, to improve maybe you could get rid of the batman in the middle. I think if put the two renders on the front back to back and make them both larger so they cover the front better it would look a lot better.

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