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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided box art cover
By avatar Wade 4 on May 25th, 2016
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I tried my best with the 3D effect, sorry if it looks warped. The features section on the back I thought up myself, so if it doesn't seem entirely official, that's why. The summary I got from Zavvi's listing of the game, however.

Credit to iman_pro for the 3D template: link

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FrankBedbroken 46 [ 6 years ago ]

This definitely has potential, but I think it's not quite there yet, personally. The concept of the front is quite nice, though, I think you should change the wrinkled paper texture to some other vintage looking paper texture, to fit with the whole aesthetic of the composition.

The back's a bit off in terms of structure, in my opinion, it just seems a bit too hectic and disorganized to me, I'm personally not really a fan of the floating Adam (i think that's the name of the guy, not really familiar with the series, so bear with me) render or the shards next to him. Also, the text is a bit hard to read, mostly because of the font you used for the summary, it works well on taglines and the like, but it doesn't work that well on long paragraphs of text.

But overall, I'm not sure if it's trying to be a minimalistic design, like in the front, or an official looking design, like in the back. Both the front and the back have different color schemes, so it doesn't really feel like they're connected, and it doesn't really flow. However, I do believe it's a decent start, you got the basics there, it just needs some polishing here and there. Hopefully I didn't come off as too harsh with my criticism, it truly isn't my intention.

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Wade 4 [ 6 years ago ]

Now that I'm looking at it, I am starting to see your point. I'd originally intended for the front cover design to be something like link and I'm actually happy with how it came out. However, I do see your point on the back part. I was hoping for a smoother transition from poster-ific to official, though it didn't quite work out like I've seen it done on official box art for other games. The shards were a last-minute thing I added in the back, as without them there was a big, empty gap, which made it look lazy and half-hearted. In the shards I then put screenshots from the original trailer for Mankind Divided, which is probably why you don't recognise Ivan Berk if you're not familiar with the series. Adam I wasn't too sure about, actually, but I decided to keep him there as - I will admit - I was rushing this box to be 3D-ified and on the website. I probably would've fixed this if it were any other time, but it was late at night and I'd made a booboo on an earlier version of the box by merging the layer with the drop shadow, therefore making me unable to neither edit the layer mask or undo what I'd done.

And don't worry! I completely appreciate your criticism. I'll probably keep this box as it is, and only tweak it if it's absolutely needed, but I'll take what you've said and definitely reflect it in the next box I create. And who knows, I might recreate this box in the future!



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