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Sonic Mania box art cover
By avatar Korinu 21 on June 20th, 2017
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Sonic Mania is launching on the Nintendo Switch, however, it is digital only, so I decided to make a custom box art for it after re-discovering this site!
This is my first box on the site in MANY years. I had another account named videogameman199, my work was garbage. I am now 16 years old and have decided to study art. Why am I telling you guys this? Well, because I want you to NOT. GIVE. UP. I was really bad, and now im here, keep going! Dont give up, even if people dont support you, just keep on practicing!
So, all credits go to:
Adam Salter (link) ,for making the Nintendo Switch 3D cover (I made some slight edits)
rmkar9 on deviantart (link) for making a 2D switch template
All images are from the official Sonic Mania website
I hope you like it! Look forward to more custom covers! See ya guys!

BTW, when I said I havent used this site in years I wasnt kidding, how do I upload printables? lol

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Comment on Korinu's Sonic Mania Box Art / Cover.

Moebius 38 [ 3 years ago ]

Nice front, I feel the text on the back is too squashed and the triangle background is boring compared to the patterns on the front.

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Korinu 21 [ 3 years ago ]

Yeah, I like how the front looks, but I am not completely sattisfied with the back. Ill have to practice more with back covers. Hope Ill get better

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Metalpug79 1 [ 2 years ago ]

So, did you ever figure out how to upload the custom cover art? Would really love to get that Sonic Mania Nintendo Switch cover! Regardless, great work!

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Korinu 21 [ 2 years ago ]

Oh yeah, I forgot lol. Sorry, not now. Looking back this is pretty bad, I Will make a new one, then I'll upload it.

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