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Pro Evolution Hockey 2021 box art cover
By avatar TrockHound34 2 on March 14th, 2020
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Another Original Game which could be EA's Rival in the NHL Series. I made the Ultimate Edition with Markus Naslund as the cover star for the Ultimate Edition. The Reason why it's rated T is because it's basically the only NHL Hockey Game that allows realistic bloody faces whether it's after a fight or after a very good hit. Plus with NHL and other Teams from other leagues including International, All Time, and Historical Teams, you can create various Dream Games. You can even play various tournaments, from the Stanley Cup to the World Cup of Hockey. How about add a bit of wacky to your Hockey. Hidden Unlockable players from other games like Solid Snake or Raiden from Metal Gear Rising, or Jetstream Sam? Why not? Quiet Speed Hockey Players? Sure. How about a game where every player dresses as their Team's Mascot in an Exhibition Game. Yes... Pro Evolution Hockey is here to not just take the Hockey Game by storm, but to make it fun again.

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