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Final Fantasy IV box art cover
By avatar CruSadEr 10 on June 3rd, 2007
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CruSadEr 10 [ 1 decade ago ]

Credit to TrevOwnz for the DS Case (sorry I skewed it to my liking.) I also had trouble with the reflection. Anyway, I hope you guys like it! :)

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xcamelriderx95 1 [ 1 decade ago ]

That looks pretty good

4.5/5 because the square enix logo is hard to see

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Crayon Man 2 [ 1 decade ago ]

#1, I can fix that reflection for you. If you just send me your box with the background without the reflection, I can do it.

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Ayron 47 [ 1 decade ago ]

wow.. you need to learn how to skew!!
square enix is wrong..
reflection also.. but you knew that.
final fantasy logo is turned upside down...
and i kind of dislike the box dude..

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TrevOwnz 41 [ 1 decade ago ]

thanks for using my template. =]

with the reflection you want to do it in two pieces, reflect the spine and then the front. and just connect the corners.

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