resource How to make box covers

1. Materials

Once you've decided what game, movie, music or book cover that you want to make, the first step is gathering the necessary materials. This typically includes a template, logos and related graphics.

For example, if you want to make a box for Skyrim, start by finding (or creating) Skyrim wallpapers, characters and logos. Check the official site and Google Image Search. Then decide on a platform (e.g., Xbox 360) and find a template for it.

Here is a list of places to find common resources.

2. Editing

Not sure what program to use? Most designers use Photoshop. GIMP and Paint.NET are popular free options.

Fire up your program of choice and start arranging your graphics on layers beneath the template. You'll want to start with the background, then add any logos, text, characters or screenshots.

General Tips

  • Keep your first box simple
  • Be sure that any logos and text are easily readable
  • Be selective. Don't just randomly paste characters and graphics onto the box. Choose ones that complement the background
  • Use high resolution assets when possible
  • Save your box as a high quality jpg or png
  • Browse the site for inspiration and study what top designers have done
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help in the forums
For more, please check out this tutorials list.

3. Critiques

When you have an early version of your box ready, post it to the critiques forum to get feedback and help. The community will give you tips and help guide you.

4. Submit

Happy with the end result? Post it to VGBoxArt for all to see! Simply login (register if you haven't yet) and submit your box here.

If people like your box, you'll start earning xp and gaining levels! Here is more information on how to increase your level and become a top tier box cover designer.