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Homefront box art cover
By avatar FLYCRAYON 23 on October 2nd, 2011
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twoxT 34 [ 8 years ago ]


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BioHazard-92 11 [ 8 years ago ]

lol nothing says home like good ol' White Castle xD

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sd1833 47 [ 8 years ago ]

The front could work with all the elements in play, they should just be arranged in a different manner, I think. The soldier with the burning flag could be moved back, downscaled, in the distance. The guy with the blindfold, whom you have faded on the left, could be brought to the spotlight. This would in turn make the logo easier to see, as of right now it's blending with the flames.

The back's style is clashing with that of the front. The dark, smoky and most importantly blurry condition that dominates half the design isn't very sightly. Try adding a touch of red to the color scheme, and find a way to include a synopsis. Minimalism could work, but the current placement of tagline and screenshots is that of a traditional cover.

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