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Lollipop Chainsaw box art cover
By avatar 0utcast 36 on February 20th, 2012
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Saw the trailer for this game. An thought it looked pretty sweet, wanted to make a cover for it. Please leave a comment if you have one [: Still tweaking, so may be another version or two to come...

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Artist 33 [ 1 decade ago ]

Oh my god, that's really awesome!
Well done, man. :D

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0utcast 36 [ 1 decade ago ]

Thank you, glad you think so :D

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Bastart 49 [ 1 decade ago ]

It looks good :) especially the front.

The back could use some work though especially on the text placement (the header would look better if rotated in the same angle as the synopsis)

The synopsis could use some room between the chainsaw and the lollipop heart logo (it's sticking to much to them)

I know, lollipos are sticky :P

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xSorrowxKingx 1 [ 9 years ago ]

Hey Outcast, this is perfect! :D Please Upload it, I want this Cover so bad :( pleeeease

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