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Pokemon: This War Begins Tomorrow Part 3 box art cover
By avatar JengaSoft 28 on December 10th, 2013
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As the final countdown begins, the newly evolved trio
journeys east to the water type stronghold to seek help
from the mighty War-Tortle in hopes that with his help they
can end the war befor it is too late. But can they reach their
destination in time?

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Comment on JengaSoft's Pokemon: This War Begins Tomorrow Part 3 Box Art / Cover.

kitano 17 [ 6 years ago ]

easily the best box on the site love the cool laser things

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Gabriel Justus 9 [ 6 years ago ]

i am in love with this last one, the other two are okay, but this one is amazing

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Ulquiorra 49 [ 6 years ago ]

Gladd to see you've tried to do a back, but this doesn't look: it's a little empty and the synopsis is far too big. I think you should reconsider your back's structure (add some screenshots, change the font, etc...)
But the front looks really good, so fav+
(keep progress ;)

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JengaSoft 28 [ 6 years ago ]

I am not quite done with this series. While the trilogy is over, I am currently working on a 4th box that takes place years later. Ive been working on it since I finished Part III but it is still lacking something. Eventually I will get around to posting something about it in the W.I.P. but not anytime soon... "Pokemon: The Apocalypse Of Yesterday" not coming soon ^.^

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