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Watch Dogs Box Art box cover
By avatar danjones 1 on June 3rd, 2014
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Uploading my first box art, not very good at this but thanks for any feedback. All gratefully received! :)

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Vince_1990 46 [ 6 years ago ]

Getting there, but more work and will look good. It's a bit strange having the Ubisoft logo in the middle of the front cover, I would have it in one of the corners. On the spine "watch dogs" is upside down compared to the "ps4". The back looks a little bit busy. It also has some writing going off the far left edge.

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danjones 1 [ 6 years ago ]

Yeah, after uploading it I realised the Ubisoft logo looked kinda weird. And the back, it does look way to busy. And kind of annoying having writing go off the back. Hopefully all my future pieces will be superior. And thanks for the critical feedback :) could really use it!

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Andro Romero 1 [ 4 years ago ]

Vince is the best feedback man

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