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Super Smash Bros. Universe box art cover
By avatar Danilo34512 1 on September 30th, 2014
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I Don't Know who made the Logo. I Found it on Google.

EDIT: Now i Know. Credits to Martiniii332 for the Logo.

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Martiniii332 48 [ 5 years ago ]

Purely amazing cover.

It's my logo, too, from a long time ago.

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aldimon 21 [ 5 years ago ]



best cover ever

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GameRoomProductions 42 [ 5 years ago ]

Your fundamentals are here: logos, renders, template, and a decent flow. So above all else, your start is great.
However, do you not think this cover is a little boring? Super Smash Bros. is a flashy and loud fighting game with a lot of excitement and chaos, and it just doesn't seem that this cover matches that. Maybe adding a background and characters closer and maybe dark and looking like they're ready to fight. I enjoy the characters in the white boxes, it's reminiscent of Melee.
Little things now: the Nintendo logo looks a tad big to me. Maybe try a back?
Great stuff here champ, keep at it!

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Danilo34512 1 [ 5 years ago ]

Thanks! :)

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