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Helldivers II box art cover
By avatar Brettska99 45 on April 29th, 2024
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Designed this cover mostly to show off my custom jewel case PS5 template (will share at a later date). I also couldn't decide which front I liked best, so when I printed this design I made the front reversible. This game is great, I highly recommend.

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Warsony 43 [ 1 month ago ]

You took me back in time with this beautiful design. You chose a great game that undoubtedly adapts very well to the compact disc format. I like the idea of a double cover in case you don't like one and the other, in my case I liked both, the minimalist one is clean and delicate. Great work, innovative and outstanding, really brilliant! Congrats!

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Steve8492 44 [ 1 week ago ]

I'm so happy you guys are still here after all these years!! Fantastic work

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