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Mario vs. Donkey Kong box art cover
By avatar dimentio64 32 on January 19th, 2024

Long time no see! Lately Nintendo's been killing it with remakes of great Mario games. I decided to make my own custom for Mario vs. Donkey Kong, inspired by the cover for the original GBA game. Credit to Gladybot for the Mario & DK rigs used on the front, and Hopper2004 for the template. The environment on the front was modeled by me, as well as posing & rendering the above-mentioned models. I also used a repurposed environment from a project I did in 2022 for the presentation background, featuring a selection of my horrible legacy submissions.

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Pepper Rush 6 [ 5 months ago ]

I enjoy the Nostalgia this gives - combined with modern elements. Overall this looks complete, and I would say you did a good effort. The shadows in general could have been a bit more defined, in my opinion - considering this is a new edition. Also, I feel like the light hitting the small Marios is a bit too strong, compared to everything else - even tho they are more shiny in texture. Keep it up Dimentio, I like this.

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Warsony 43 [ 5 months ago ]

Without a doubt this is a dazzling piece of work, I liked the color palette and the well-defined renders. There is a detail that I saw behind the green staircase like a shadow that I don't understand what it represents, the play of light could have been better and the shadows too. But they are minor details compared to the rest of the box that together make it a work worth applauding. Very good work!

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