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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth box art cover
By avatar Moebius 39 on January 31st, 2024

[ Box updated on February 3rd, 2024 ] [ original ]

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Warsony 43 [ 4 months ago ]

I don't know... The Renders have very low quality, in general the images have broken edges, out of tune, cut with a saw. The night background and the stars also in low quality. What happened here? Why use such low quality images?

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Pepper Rush 6 [ 4 months ago ]

This box could have been great with only a bit more refining. To me, it looks off having the characters standing in line on the front, but in very different sizes. The fade on the mountains reaches a bit high in some areas, and is too sharp in others. That same layer is also quite dark. On the back - the characters don't have shadows, and the light sources go from left, right and then left again.

On the other hand - I like your attention to details in color. Also, the glowing elements on the back go well with the rest of the box. I'd like to see more work from you, but I hope you will take your time with it.

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