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Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door box art cover
By avatar dimentio64 32 on March 4th, 2024

I'm back again with the magnum opus of Nintendo's 2024 lineup, something I still can't believe exists: The Thousand-Year Door remake!
Since as of this upload the official box art for the remake is not revealed, I'm curious to know how close I got. I based the front off the Japanese cover, and the back loosely off Origami King's cover.
The other Mario RPG remakes all used their JP covers as the basis for their overseas boxart (for better or worse), plus TTYD's JP cover is just such a banger I had to go with that anyway.

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Pepper Rush 6 [ 2 months ago ]

This looks great. Vibrant and overall well put together. It makes me want to dive into Paper Mario - a series I haven't really explored. Also, I like how the front emits brightness, and the back is more of a dark contrast to it. -As the dark element consists of screenshots of gameplay, maybe they could have bin a tad brighter. Anyway, I look forward to see more from you.

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Warsony 43 [ 2 months ago ]

Wow Fantastic!

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Vince_1990 47 [ 1 month ago ]

Excellent work, very fun and official looking!

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